Hello parents!  As you may have noticed, or as you may remember from our Back to School meeting with Principal Chilcoat, we are going to have a different parking pick-up pattern this year.  Historically, 600 South has been very congested after school during pick up.  This year, we would like to keep the southeast corner of the parking lot reserved for pre-school and kindergarten pick-up only.  Parents parked and waiting in that portion of the parking lot who are not a kindergarten parent will be asked to move.  We would like all other students to be picked up on the west side of the school building along 1600 west.  Please view the attached map.  The parking lot is labeled and has blue arrows that show where to pick up and drop off students.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (801) 374-4950.

Sunset View Parking Lot Map