Sunset View will be holding their 7th Annual Dragon Dash Obstacle Course October 12-14th

On October 12-14th, we will be holding the 7th Annual Sunset View Dragon Dash Obstacle Course Fundraiser! Each child is encouraged to participate in the obstacle course that we will have set up on the north field of our playground. This is a non-competitive obstacle course. We encourage all children to participate and have fun. Each student who finishes the obstacle course will receive a medal and treat. Students who do not want to participate can be a part of our cheering section. Classes will run the obstacle course individually, to allow for proper social distancing during the activity.

Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to have parents at the school for the activity. We will post pictures of the events at the end of each day.

Each grade level will work together to raise donations for science materials and classroom books.

Dragon Dash Pledge Cards were sent home yesterday. Please have these cards, and any donations collected, returned to the school by Wednesday, October 14th. We encourage safe practices while collecting donations; using social media and online ways of reaching out to friends and family rather than going door to door. Safety must always come first.

We are excited about this event and hope to see all of our students participating next week.

All donations are voluntary and students will not be kept from participating in activities if donations are not given.

Dragon Dash Flyer

Folleto de Dragon Dash

Dragon Dash Pledge Card

Tarjeta de donación de Dragon Dash

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