A note from Coach Tessem

In September, we worked on kicking skills and building up cardiovascular endurance. As we begin October, our skills practice has shifted to overhand throwing as well as fun fall activities. One of the warm-up activities we have done this month was “Builders and Bulldozers.” Cones are set out right side up and on their sides. Students are either “builders” (setting as many cones upright as possible) or “bulldozers” (setting as many cones on their side as possible). Students run from cone to cone for a set amount of time, we pause and count how many of each cone there are, then switch roles. We have also started “Thriller” for a warm-up this month before focusing on throwing overhand. Each week, I post activities for a warm-up, skills practice, and family challenge to do at home that can be accessed through the “PE 20-21 Tessem” course on Canvas. I also include a bonus challenge for grades 2-6. These are designed to do with your family, and help students work on the skills we have been focusing on in class.

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