This year, Sunset View is very excited to be participating in America’s Battle of the Books program for the first time! This is a really fun program that encourages both reading and teamwork.

For the Battle of the Books program, students will be divided into teams and will work together to read all the books on the program booklist. The school library has several copies of each book on the list for students to take turns reading. They can also check them out from the Provo City Library, Orem Library, or online. Students may read these books in any format – online or physical books – as well as listen to them on audiobook. Students wishing to participate need to read at least one book from the list by mid-October in order to qualify for a team. Once teams are organized in October, they will then work together to read all of the books to begin competing in January.

Teams will compete against each other to answer questions about the books and earn points until we have one 3rd/4th grade team and one 5th/6th grade team for the school. Those two teams will then compete against other elementary schools in a district-level competition at Provo High School (parents and family members are also invited to attend).

This program is so much fun and students at any reading level can participate because the books range from easy picture books to harder chapter books. Students get really into the competition and it helps a lot with their reading comprehension – as they have to understand the material in the books in order to answer the questions properly. We hope that you will all support and encourage your students to participate in this fun program this year!

We are thankful to our new Librarian, Miss Fisher, for organizing this fun event for our students!

3rd and 4th Grade Battle of the Books List

5th and 6th Grade Battle of the Books List

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