Sunset View is very excited and honored to be able to display photographs from the collection They Painted in the Canyons by artist Craig Law.

“Before the first European Americans came to live in Utah during the 19th century; before the first Spanish priests journeyed through eastern Utah in the 18th century; before the arrival 400 years earlier of the Ute People; even before the Pueblo Cliff Dwellers, whose ancestors pushed into southern Utah about 2,000 years ago – before all these humans came to Utah, scattered bands of Archaic Native Americans painted striking human-like figures on canyon walls in Utah and the northern part of the Colorado Plateau.

These paintings in the Barrier Canyon style are Utah’s earliest known art on rock, and some images could date to a period between 8,000 and 6,000 years ago. They painted in the Canyons shows photographs by Craig Law selected from the archives of the BCS PROJECT – a non-profit organization established to create a photographic inventory of Barrier Canyon-style pecked and painted images. “

We are grateful to Utah Division of Arts and Museums, as well as our own art teacher Miss Wilson, for bringing this traveling exhibition to our students.

Come and study the photography and canyon wall paintings. They are currently on display in our lunchroom hallway.

They Painted in the Canyons

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