Welcome back to our next #TeacherFeatureFriday. This year we would like to take each Friday to introduce you to the different members of our staff. Today, we are introducing Mr. Vandermark. This is Mr. Vandermark’s thirteenth year at Sunset View! He has taught second, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. This is Mr. Vandermark’s third year as Title I Coordinator for Sunset View. Some interesting facts about Mr. Vandermark are that he could eat Taco Bell forever – it is his favorite!. He has four nephews and two nieces and they are his absolute favorite little babies to spend time with. He loves to watch scary movies, even if that means turning on every light in the house once the movie is over. Every night, he listens to a thunderstorm channel to relax and fall asleep. Mr. Vandermark also claims that he has seen a ghost…though it could just be all those scary movies playing tricks on him! We hope this helps you to get to know Mr. Vandermark a little better. Check-in with us next week to see who we will be featuring for our #TeacherFeatureFriday!

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