Hello parents! Did you know that Sunset View has a dictionary made for parents that explains all the ‘teacher terms’ and programs that teachers use at Sunset View? The SSV Parent Dictionary was created by the Parent Engagement Committee and building Administration last year. It was shared with, and proofread by, the PTA prior to being finalized. As we approach Parent Teacher Conferences, you may want to take a few minutes to browse the dictionary. It can provide some background on terms you may hear. It can also be a great resource for you when it comes to understanding what your teachers share with you at conferences.

While we think that we have included all of the terms that teachers use in our Parent Dictionary, it is always possible that we have missed some. If you encounter terms that require clarification, please email them to Lance Vandermark lancev@provo.edu. Our Parent Dictionary will be updated annually using the feedback that we receive from parents.

The SSV Parent Dictionary can be found in the link below, or on our school webpage in the Parent Resources section under School Information https://sunset.provo.edu/school-information/parent-dictionary/

SSV Parent Dictionary 19-20

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