Our school recently completed its final round of Battle of the Books where champion teams were selected to represent our school at the district level competition next month. Over the past few weeks, the winning teams from each class competed against one another in grade-level battles to determine one winning team from each grade. Our 3rd-grade champion team came from Miss Crowe’s class and our 4th-grade champion team came from Mrs. Raymond’s class! The winning team from 3rd grade and the winning team from 4th grade then competed and the students from Mrs. Raymond’s class came out victorious! They will be moving on to compete against the winning 3rd/4th-grade teams from other participating schools in the district on April 21st.

In 5th grade, our champion team came from Mrs. Metz’s class who then competed against our winning 6th-grade team from Mrs. Morriss’s class. In a very tight battle, the students from Mrs. Metz’s class narrowly beat out the 6th graders and will be moving on to compete at the district battle in April. Each of these battles was recorded via Zoom so that classmates could watch and support and are available on the library Canvas page. Any parents who had students that competed in the 3rd/4th grade battle of the 5th/6th grade battle at our school and wish they could have watched can do so by having their students access the recordings on the library Canvas page.

We are so excited by the turn out we had participate in Battle of the Books this year and are thrilled to support our school champion teams at their district competition coming up! Each grade level winning team was awarded a gift certificate to Pioneer Book, and the district qualifiers were also awarded a medal. Parents of our winning teams are invited to watch the district battle live which will take place April 21st – a zoom link will be sent out closer to that date. We are so excited for our students and look forward to seeing how they will do in their final battle

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