In Library, students have been busily preparing themselves for the upcoming Battle of the Books program which begins next week! Miss Fisher has been delivering books as quickly as she can to help teams get their books read, and they are excited to start testing their knowledge this month. Students are also very excited to begin a special unit during their library time this month in which they will focus on social studies. Each grade will be reading books, conducting research, and coming up with a presentation to showcase what they have learned.

Last month concluded our Provo Reads initiative for the year in which students read as many books as they could and entered their names into a series of giveaways for fun prizes. Miss Fisher is currently counting up all the entries but so far there have been a few thousand books recorded into the program. The amount of books our students have read this year is amazing! Thanks to all the students who participated and made the program such a success. We love our Sunset View readers!

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