CAS students in our fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classes will be participating in a competition where they will build and program robots using the engineering design model. Our CAS students will compete against each other at our school, as well as against the other CAS students at Provo Peaks. The robotics kits they will use are provided by an engineering grant that we are very fortunate to be abe to participate in. The students will build and design their robots throughout the school year using the Engineering Design Model. This experience will culminate in a robot competition on March 18. Robots will be put in a starting box on the floor and will need to move around to collect and move as many items as they can to a target spot on the floor. Items the robots will need to collect could be ping-pong balls, blocks, pennies, or other small items. The winning robot will be the robot that moves the most items to the center target on their mat within the three-minute time limit. Each item collected will carry a different amount of points, meaning the overall points will be determined by the type and quantity of items that the robot is able to collect and move. We are excited about this opportunity and eager to see what our students will be able to build.

The video below shows Mrs. Metz test driving a robot similar to one her students may choose to design.

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